Bedazzled (2000)
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It Can Be Described As Fantasy, Comedy Film.

Plot In A Line

Socially inept computer nerd Elliot Richards (Brendan Fraser) falls madly in love with his beautiful colleague Alison Gardner (Frances O'Connor) . The only problem is that she doesn't even know he exists. Desperate to win her affections, Elliot sells his soul to the Devil (Elizabeth Hurley) in return for seven wishes, and learns to be careful what he wishes for.

Some Words About The Director

Director Harold Ramis, coming off of his successful "Analyse This", "Groundhog Day"  , supercharges the entire production with an energy that will have you laughing at the sheer audacity with which each wish is constructed.

Cast Overview

Brendan Fraser .... Elliot Richards/Jefe/Mary
Elizabeth Hurley .... The Devil
Frances O'Connor .... Alison Gardner/Nicole Delarusso
Miriam Shor .... Carol/Penthouse Hostess
Orlando Jones .... Daniel/Dan/Danny, Esteban, Beach Jock, Lamar Garrett, Dr. Ngegitigegitibaba
Paul Adelstein .... Bob/Roberto/Beach Jock/Bob Bob (Sportscaster #3)
Toby Huss .... Jerry/Alejandro/Beach Jock/Jerry Turner (Sportscaster #2)/Lance
Gabriel Casseus .... Elliot's Cellmate/Angel
Brian Doyle-Murray .... Priest
Jeff Doucette .... Desk Sergeant
Aaron Lustig .... Synedyne Supervisor
Rudolf Martin .... Raoul
Julian Firth .... John Wilkes Booth

Comment 1

Bedazzled is a surprisingly smart, genuinely funny movie about the wishes we all make and the fallacy of our belief that wealth, fame, love, etc., will truly make us happy. Taking the Dr. Faust theme to unheard of heights, the devil takes the form of Elizabeth Hurley who is indeed constantly bedazzling in a long list of outfits taken straight from the minds of adolescent teenaged boys (and a few of us who used to be adolescent teenaged boys). Gorgeously naughty, she is the epitome of temptation. Brendan Fraser gives a terrific performance as seven characters all wrapped up in one.

Comment 2

You really have to be specific when you are making wishes, as Elliot soon learns as a series of fantasies fulfilled quickly fall through: fame, power, and marriage to Allison is dangerous as well as unfulfilling, the life of an unbelievable star athlete comes with its own little problem (wink, wink), intelligence and savoir faire misses the mark, and becoming the most sensitive man on earth is quite simply a big mistake. Elliot, his sweetie Allison, and his co-workers all appear in these separate wish-fulfilled lives, each actor adopting a number of very different roles over the course of the film. The results can be hilarious, and there was at least one surprising wish fulfillment that never appeared in any trailer. Fraser has always seemed to be something of a stiff actor to me, but he shows great versatility in his performance here, taking the challenge of his role and running with it. Frances O'Connor is an increasingly sweet delight, as well, and Elizabeth Hurley is simply fantastic and utterly enchanting.

Comment 3

There is a brief discussion of the nature of the soul and the existence of God. Elliot is shocked and horrified when he finds out he is a drug lord. Elliot's co-workers, who persecute and ridicule him at work, are also present in his wish-worlds, often in the same roles. A selfless act defeats the Devil. The devil uses the media to seduce. She performs various petty crimes from throwing a flaming drink into a car, confusing traffic lights to cause traffic accidents, to causing parking meters to zero out and ticketing the cars. The Devil says, ''You don't have to look very far to find Heaven or Hell''.The Devil is a liar and has offices in Hell, Purgatory and Los Angeles. The Devil argues that watching TV, playing video games, avoiding homework and waking up late are the most important things in life. In rebuttal, Elliot concludes that what is important to him are honesty, caring for others and hard work. According to the film: Wishes never work out they way we want. Dreaming about being someone else will not lead to happiness. It is much better developing who you are. Language: mild vulgarity, mild anatomical references, a few profanities.

Comment 4

Throughout the just-right 92-minute running time, "Bedazzled" is whimsical and reasonably lighthearted, but because Elliot has, indeed, sold his soul to Satan, the viewer is understandable to wonder how exactly the movie could conclude with a happy ending. Without giving any details away, director Harold Ramis finds the perfect climactic approach, striking a satisfying chord and holding it until the end credits. It's not every week that you see a movie that surpasses all expectations (no matter how high or low they may be) to become a first-rate film worth seeing by all, but "Bedazzled" does just that. It's a wonderfully original and entertaining comedy--the rarest of breeds.

Further Information

Runtime: 93 min
Country: USA / Germany
Language: English / Spanish / Russian
Color: Yes
Studio: Twentieth Century Fox Home Video
DVD Release Date: April 15, 2003
Box-office gross: 37,879,996 US Dollars